NPNMR news

Release announcements and news in chronological order (newest first):

03 04 2016

Version 2.4.8 for ARM (Raspberry PI) released.

This version has been built on t Raspberry PI Version 2 computer. Note that the overall performance of this hardware is limited. NPNMR performs acceptable however. Testing has not been as deep as on the Windows and Mac versions of the software. Any comments, suggestion or bug/performance reprots are welcome.

02 04 2016

Version 2.4.8 for Linux (Ubuntu) released.

For details, see the release notes for Mac OS X and Windows. The latest version of NPNMR on Linux has been compiled an 32bit is is therefore compatible with a wider range of system. It should run on both 32 and 64bit versions of Linux.

01 04 2016

Version 2.4.8 for Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows released.

New features and bugfixes:

  • Display of hydrogen atoms is now possible. Hydrogens are clickable and can be assigned individually
  • NPNMR can now read MDL structures with aromatic bond types (type "4" instead of kekulized structures)
  • Bug: Lists (peaks, integrals and multiplets) could not be exported on some systems - fixed
  • Export menuitems have been placed under the respective menu entries (peaks, integrals, etc.)
  • GUI improvements (window resizing)
  • Fixed a bug with the graphics refresh which caused arbitrary resizing of subwindows

02 01 2016

Version 2.4.7 for Microsoft Windows released.

For details, see the news for 01/01/2016.

01 01 2016

Version 2.4.7 for Mac OS X released.

  • Improved axis dialog
  • Preferences dialog revamped
  • GUI improvements (editing embedded molecule window)
  • On-screen shifting of axis labels with the mouse
  • Solvent table reworked
  • Extended toolbar options
  • Redo option added
  • Several bugfixes (see release notes)

01 02 2014

Version 2.4.5 for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X released.

  • Simplified axis dialog
  • More overlay options
  • Toolbar layout enhanced
  • Resample option added
  • GUI improvements on Mac OS X
  • On-screen shifting of axis labels with the mouse
  • Real intensity display for 1D data
  • Nuclei table added (all NMR active nuclei are now included)
  • Removed some limitations of the ACADEMIC version
  • Several bugfixes (see release notes)

01 05 2013

Version 2.4.3 for Mac OS X released.


  • No JAVA runtime required on target computer
  • Internal frame display enhanced
  • User defined atom labels for molecule display added
  • Several smaller bugfixes (see release notes)

01 01 2013

Version 2.4.2 released.

Bug fixes and enhancements

  • GUI improvements
  • Icons redesigned
  • Phase 2D bug fixed that prevent 2D phasing on some computers
  • Dialog improvements
  • Several smaller bugfixes (see release notes)

01 05 2012

Version 2.4.0 released.

Bug fixes and enhancements

  • GUI improvements
  • Several bugfixes (see release notes)
  • Reduced complexity

This version is currently available for the Microsoft Windows platform only.

19 11 2011

Version 2.3.2 released.

Bug fixes and small enhancements

  • Added apodization functions
  • Improved display for 3d data
  • Stability enhancements for processing
  • Extended phase correction options

This update is currently available for the Microsoft Windows platform only.

10 07 2011

Version 2.3.1 released. Improvements & fixes:

  • Baseline correction bug (Whittaker) fixed
  • Covariance FFT filter implemented (experimental)
  • 2D interactive phase correction implemented
  • 2D autophase implemented
  • Color dropdown menu for 1D and nD allows user defined colors
  • Processing parameter OpenFile dialog extended

This update is available for the Microsoft Windows platform only. Updates for Mac OS X and Linux will follow soon (Version 2.3.3).

10 10 2010

Version 2.3 released.

19 08 2010

Version 2.3 beta 2 available for download.

Improvements & fixes:

  • Reduced menus
  • Improved processing dialog
  • Live processing
  • Enhanced online help

17 04 2010

Version 2.2.3 available for download.

Improvements & fixes:

  • Explorer window was dropped
  • Application startup time is significantly reduced
  • Covariance NMR processing option added (experimental)
  • Many dialogs have been improved
  • Bruker dialog was improved. No more hangs when scanning large network drives
  • Table output options and dialogs have been improved
  • Edit mode was enhanced significantly. Items are now highlighted, edit options have been added

01 03 2009

Version 2.2 released.

Improvements & fixed bugs:

  • For Linux, the latest 64bit runtime is included which finally fixes bugs that affected correct display of text fields and combo boxes.
  • A version for the Apple Macintosh is available.
  • Drag and drop was improved and allows user configuration
  • Many dialogs have been improved
  • Backup feature added

01 09 2008

Version 2.2 beta is avaliable. See this page for information about changes and improvements in the version 2.2 of the NPNMR software.

01 01 2008

Version 2.1.1: This version adds new functionality and enhancements:

  • It is now possible to use the OpenGL pipeline for rendering
  • Memory configuration options have been added
  • Improvements in assignment table display and
  • Improvements in the Drag&Drop assignment process

The possibility to employ the OpenGL rendering pipeline for the data improves the softwares performance on Linux systems significantly. Note that a graphics card, capable of OpenGL 1.5 is required. Most recent (and most older) graphics cards offer driver support for OpenGL.

01 11 2007

Version 2.1.0: This version adds new functionality and enhancements:

  • Peak deconvolution (1D) module added
  • Overview window transparency feature added
  • Grid display improvements
  • Thumbnail view for data
  • Refined controls in the Drawing parameters dialog
  • GUI improvements, e.g. removable button bars, better configuration options
  • Progress bar improvements

The following bugs have been fixed:

  1. Multiplet ddd bug. This bug lead to incorrect calculation and display of coupling constants in the multiplet display routine.
  2. Draw parameter dialog fixed: A wrong limitation in spinner values caused the offset setting of peaks and multiplets to "stuck". Fixed.
  3. JCAMP loader for processed data got wrong # of datapoints. Fixed.

The 2.1 version is released for Microsoft Windows only: The Linux version is under development.

22 05 2007

Version 2.0.9: (Patch release) This version fixes the following bugs/inconveniences:

  • Windows "classic" look and feel error (ugly toolbar buttons) fixed
  • Improved explorer window display
  • Copy structure to clipboard implemented
  • PDF compression repaired
  • Splash screen update

We recommend to update to 2.0.9. For Linux (Ubuntu) users, we recommend to install JAVA 1.6.0 update 1 for correctly sized toolbar buttons.

01 05 2007

Version 2.0.8: This is available for both Microsoft Windows and Linux. New features:

  • Extended drag & drop support (MS Windows version only).
  • 3D cube display for 3D data. Mono,Stereo and red/cyan view is available
  • Added shift functionality: time domain and frequency domain data can be shifted.
  • Further improvements for the Varian file filter
  • Simplified distribution (no install, just copy)

A free version of the software is now available for non-commercial use.

25 09 2006

Version 2.0.5 is available. New features:

  • File converter for AniML data. This is experimental and will be improved in the future.
  • VNMR 3D data can now be imported.
  • Some bugs in determining the phase2/phase order of VNMR data have been fixed.
  • CambridgeSofts .cdx format can be imported into NPNMR (by both File import and MS-Windows Clipboard).
  • A Manual in PDF format is avaliable
  • Online help has been added

A free VIEWER license is available for download.

22 05 2006

Version 2.0.4 is available. Bugfixes and patches. The installer file now includes the complete JAVA runtime.

01 04 2006

Version 2.0.2 is available. Several bugs have been eliminated. Loading and displaying of CambridgeSofts CDX format (as used in ChemDraw and ChemOffice) works now.

01 02 2006

Launch of the new website The version for the Microsoft Windows operating system is available for download.

The old NPNMR website will be closed soon !

28 11 2005

Beta 1 of NPNMR2.0 is ready and can be downloaded from this website.

08 07 2005

Alpha 2.0.1 compiled. Missing functionality will be included until Dec 2005. Various new baseline correction routines have been tested. The autophase procedure was revamped.

05 05 2005

Development, bugfixing and support for NPNMR 1.4 is stopped. Users who want to try and use this version can still download it and they will receive valid licensefiles. Version 2.0 is scheduled for Spring 2005.