• Processing tools for 1D, 2D and 3D data, including Apodization, Linear prediction, FFT, baseline correction
  • Automated phase correction for 1D and 2D data
  • Automated baseline correction
  • Transposition, symmetrization etc. of nD data

Display and output

  • Image- Contourplot- and Stackplot display of 2D data
  • Cube display for 3D data
  • Peak picking, integration, multiplet analysis
  • Easy superposition (overlay) of spectra
  • Manual and automated peakpicking for 1D and 2D spectra
  • Copy and paste under Microsoft Windows
  • Zoom functionality
  • PDF output
  • MDI window manager
  • Assignment tool for organic molecules
  • Journal ready table and assignment output

Available import filters

  • Bruker AMX/DMX/Avance (1D-nD)
  • VNMR Varian (1D,2D,3D)
  • JEOL generic data (1D,2D)
  • JCAMP-DX (5.0,6.0) (1D,2D)
  • AcornNMR Nuts (binary and DXB)
  • NMRi (1D,2D)
  • NMRPipe (1D,2D)
  • MDL .mol format
  • JCAMP-CS, compound JCAMP-DX
  • CambridgeSofts CDX
  • AniML (1D,2D - experimental)

Available output formats

  • NPNMR format (1D-nD)
  • JCAMP-DX (5.0,6.0) (1D,2D)
  • JCAMP-CS, compound JCAMP-DX
  • AniML (1D,2D - experimental)
  • PDF
  • RTF
  • WMF, PNG (MS Clipboard)