NMR processing, analysis, visualization and assigment for your desktop

Version 2.4.8 released

April2016: NPNMR 2.4.8 released. Some bugs and GUI glitches have been fixed. See the News section for new features. NPNMR runs on recent versions of Microsoft Windows (7-10), Linux, ARM (Raspberry PI Version 2) and Mac OS X (10.7 Lion - 10.11 El Capitan). See the download page for more information (Downloads)

NPNMR offers great features for synthetic chemists or natural product researchers. Menu driven 1D and 2D processing, advanced autophase and auto baseline options, undo options for every processing step, automated and manual integration, peak picking and more.

The software can load and process raw and processed data from different vendors (Bruker, Varian, JEOL) as well as standard formats (JCAMP-DX, JCAMP-CS, AniML). Molecule files can be loaded (supported formats: MDL, JCAMP, ChemSoft).